The Experience

At the Emerging Video Technologies conference, attendees will be able to hear from and interact with leading experts in the space, and get a deeper understanding of the hottest topics in virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360 video. From the future of entertainment to the ethics of immersive experiences, the Emerging Video Technologies conference will provide audience members with a roadmap of where the technology is heading, and the potential pitfalls and upsides along the way. Expect plenty of time for networking and connecting, along with hearing the thoughts of the brightest minds in the business.



Anyone interested in learning about VR, AR, and 360 video is welcome, but this event is geared towards C-level executives at technology companies, sector-specific companies (see panel list for sectors), and brands. Top companies like those listed below have attended our VR events in the past and this year we’re expecting an even greater turn out!




Hear from the biggest names in the business and watch as they tackle some of the most interesting questions about VR, 360 video, and the future of immersive content. If any of these topics spark an interest, there will be ample opportunity for networking and conversation.